2010 Rallycross Nationals Overview

The 2010 Rallycross Nationals took place near Fountain, CO at the U.S. Truck Driver’s school. The surface consisted of loose gravel on top of a bumpy granite slab. This made for challenging driving and several instances of gear pop-out for Andrew and I in the Sentra. Looks like we have some transmission work ahead of us in prepping for Rally America in 2011!

Upon arrival at the site, we encountered another problem that threatened to take us out of competition entirely. There was a short in the main wiring harness for the fuel pump, and we went through 3 20-amp fuses just trying to get the car to tech inspection after unloading it from the trailer. I asked everyone I could find who was a single driver already at the event if they would be willing to take us on as co-drivers, as David left with our friend Mark Walker to look for supplies in nearby Fountain for a ‘rewiring’ project. Only one person spoke up at the time, out of all the subaru drivers there. That person was Nathan Usher, from Michigan. Talk about good sportsmanship! Also many thanks to Kubo who let me drive his RS while the guys were away so that I could get at least a feel for the surface during the practice sets on Friday.

David returned, and we managed to fix the fuel pump with a direct line to the battery, equipped with a fuse and a switch. Fixed! We drove and I finished 7th in M2, with Andrew right behind me in 8th. He did fantastic. Not only is he a great kid and will make a great navigator, but he has some skills behind the wheel. He would make a fantastic driver in RA if someone is willing to sponsor him.


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  1. September 7, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Hey,I stumbled upon your site while lokinog for suspension parts for my neon. I’m planning on running a bunch of rallycross, autocross and tsd events this year to train myself and my new codriver to hopefully join clubrally in 06. I live in Owls Head Maine right now and I was wondering if you’d be willing to talk with me about some things I can do to get my car ready etc. You can reach me either by email or yahoo IM lord_billis or aim lordbillis2

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