Christy CarlsonChristy Carlson is a Meteorologist by day, and races on the weekend. She has a Master’s degree in Meteorology & Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma and is in progress on a Ph.D. Prior to discovering Solo and Rallycross, Christy is known for being one of very few women in the country who actively storm chase.

Growing up on a farm in Northeast Nebraska, she was a natural at video games and always knew that competition/racing was in her genes, she just didn’t have the financial means to race until she was out of college and on her own. Unlike so many other racers, Christy came into racing on her own and is not from a racing family or from money. She believes in ‘grassroots racing’.

She learned car control off-road and on gravel roads, and practiced her off-road skills storm chasing in FWD & AWD vehicles on loose surfaces racing between storms, as well as in SCCA Rallycross and at the Team Oneil Rally School, which SCCA sent her to in 2008. It was in 2008 that she began to save everything she had to be able to Rally.

Christy began participating in SCCA solo/autocross in 2005. She quickly showed her skill becoming the MiDiv STUL champion for 2008, 2009 and 2010, and placing 4th (DSPL), 3rd (STUL) and 2nd (STUL) and taking home a National Championship in 2011, finally claiming her title as the fastest woman in an STI in the United States in SCCA Solo. She has been lauded several times as having the most consistant reaction times in SCCA ProSolo nationally, consistently just hundredths from a perfect .500, not just once, but every time she leaves the line.

Christy also competed in the 2007 and 2008 Rallycross National Championships, earning 2nd and 4th place finishes, and she earned a trophy at the 2011 Rallycross National Championships in Tulsa, OK, the first woman to ever take home a trophy in SCCA Rallycross since the sport began in 2005.

In February, she competed in the Rally America 100 Acre Wood Rally. She then set her sights on Pikes Peak and showed impressive pace in a very underpowered car (180 HP at elevation) before engine failure ended her 2011 Race to the Clouds. Despite these setbacks she came back in 2012 with a new engine build and began competing in the Open class in Rally America. She finished 15th Overall/6th in Class regionally at the Sno*Drift Rally, and 9th Overall/4th in Class regionally at the 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, MO. These were her first two events in an open class rally car, first snow rally and first full gravel national event! Despite being a rookie, she managed to claw her way into the top 10 at 100AW with an artfully-mended axle and a rally car she put together with friends. She was the fastest female driver in Rally America so in 2012, and despite her mechanical problems in 2013, she continues to show determination to be the best.

All Smiles, why? Because rally. - Photo by RallyTexas

All Smiles, why? Because rally. – Photo by RallyTexas

“I want to be the best driver I can possibly be, and the only way to get there is to compete in the most competitive classes, with the best drivers. I’ve done this with Solo, Rallycross, and it has brought me much success. I look forward to pushing my limits throughout 2012 and forging a path for success. It is not enough to be recognized as a fast female driver.. I want to be recognized as being one of the fastest drivers in the nation, period.”

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