Another adventure in the 100 Acre Wood

Unlike last year, we are leaving with a broken car, packed up in a trailer that hasn’t been touched in a week, really, since sno*drift. Bender met up with some snow banks there.. Snow banks with ice and rocks underneath that caused some unknown frame damage. Alas, the car is still drivable, we can still tweak it into at least some manageable spec, and thus we will rally on. That is, if the engine will let us.

This is the point at which other teams come together to help one another. Ziptie rally, based out Minnesota, is not running this year. Carl Siegler, driver, has reached a point that most grassroots teams reach eventually.

The costs associated with this particular Motorsport are astonishing. Most road course teams couldn’t even begin to understand the thought of beating your car to death every race, then putting it back together again. But there is no other way to rally. You have to commit to the idea of trashing your car, embrace it, and love each grueling endurance event. Carl is taking a hiatus to save up again the fortune he has spent, and his beautiful open class car sits in a garage. A rally though is more than a single car and a driver, it is a team and while Carl is taking a break, members of his crew are helping other lucky teams, like ours, that haven’t reached that point yet, close as we are.

Right now as I write this, I am sitting on a plane, and next to me is Chris Gervais, the guy who gave up his June and July to help me transform my rally car into a tarmac monster for Pikes Peak, only to know it all had to be torn down again and put back to rally form eventually. We left the truck and trailer in Nebraska with my family to save 30 hours of driving between New Hampshire and Missouri after sno*drift. Flying back to a car that has a quart of oil underneath it, and reeks of coolant on the turbo side of the engine. When we land, we will drive the truck and trailer overnight to Missouri to avoid the weather that is coming, and then continue to stay awake and use the hours we have, as zombies, to fix it.

Martin Asao, member of Ziptie rally is driving down tonight after work from Minnesota to join us, and good thing to as he knows what the f* he is doing.. Kris Martison of Nebraska is leaving tomorrow, and will make a stop at St. Louis to pick up codriver Krista Skucas at the airport. And we will all converge at a shop in Salem, mo and pray to the rally gods that we can fix bender with the parts we have assembled doing diagnosis remote.

This is rally. Now, with more ziptie.

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