Continued Improvement for Carlson at 100AW

Once again, Christy shows that the women of DirtyGirlsRally are the fastest women in Rally America, with her strong finish at the 100 Acre Wood Rally. Finishing the second day in 9th overall, and 4th in Open, she continued to improve in her first gravel event in the 2002 WRX despite several hardships, including crew changes and a broken axle. “It was difficult having just one crew member between the rally days. Chris [Gervais], Adam [Kneipp] and I worked tirelessly to tear-down the vehicle and check over everything in preparation for day two. I learned a tremendous amount about the car and about myself.”

Christy suffered from a broken rear axle on thursday, dealing a blow that Chris Gervais (crew chief) dealt with prior to the event start. “Since Chris was by himself all day, it was a challenge. He was working for 48 hours on no sleep to make sure the car was in condition to finish the race. He stayed up all night at OReillys Friday morning to make sure the part was actually on the freight truck in the morning, and we had help from Park Street Tire in Salem, MO in welding up the cuff on the axle which was attached and stuck to the R160 rear differential. Thank goodness for all the volunteer help we received. Once the axle was at the shop, the entire thing was reassembled and bearings packed in < 8 minutes and we were able to make the practice course on Friday morning.”

In addition to her improvements in speed, Carlson also learned some valuable life lessons as a result of the event. “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger, definitely applies here. I can’t wait to make it out to the next event.”

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