Fastest RAW Time at Wicked Big Meet!

Wicked Big Meet – The largest gathering of Subaru’s in the United States took place June 9, 2012 at Stafford Springs, CT. With it, I worked with an amazing crew and we put on a fun autocross event for the masses to enjoy. ¬†We had a good group of about 40 Subaru’s, ranging from the twins (FRS/BRZ) to heavily modifed WRX/STI’s. I had the chance to instruct with many of the newest drivers, helping them drop time and also ‘find the line’ while having a good time. Because I was an instructor I opted out of trophies, but did manage to put down the fastest RAW time of the event in the Bad Panda Motorsports/Racecomp Engineering BRZ which we have been setting up for SCCA STX class. My new NEFR Crew Chief Amy Dilks did a great job in organizing most of the event, and I was just glad to be there to help. Thanks to the WBM crew for organizing so many great vendors and gathering all the subaru masses together for the best birthday subaru meet ever. [Yes, it was my birthday. It was awesome.]

Not only that, but Bender made an appearance at the Kinetic Motor Works booth, despite its lack of a motor at the time. Many people stopped to say it was their favorite subaru, being that it still had some of the dirt from 100 AW still on it (some things just don’t wash off). It was a small adventure loading/unloading Bender when it had no engine in it from the trailer without a winch installed. That, and driving my truck Zoidberg on I90/Mass Pike with the 24′ trailer attached in sunday vacation traffic also an adventure. Still going down as the best birthday ever.

Chris Gervais drives with some instruction, and finds his way to second place in the BRZ/FRS class in the Bad Panda Motorsports/Racecomp Engineering BRZ!


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