Holy crap BRZ autox?!

So, finally going to do it. The squishy death spheres known as winter tires have been replaced with Dunlop ZII’s, and while it’s stock (for now).. there are big plans for this car. My biggest worries on the weekend will be with the temperatures. Its expected to be a bit chilly for autox, and there are some precip chances as well, but hopefully it all pans out. Either way it will be a blast to finally drive a great RWD car at an autox.

Bad Panda Motorsports, as we call ourselves, will be out at Devens Airfield in Mass this April 7th. What makes this even more exciting is for the first time, my crew chief will actually drive at an autox instead of just working on the car. I’m excited to see how he does his first time out. His excitement about learning how to read an autox course, the fact that he is 100% in and committed to this motorsport.

Can’t wait. Spring.. please warm up more so we can push the tires to the limit!!!

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