On our way to Rallycross Nationals

We’re on our way. What an adventure this has been! Yesterday, in getting the Sentra prepped and ready we ran into several problems. The first of which was not getting the car to turn over Wednesday morning. Once we figured out that problem, changed the fuel filter to help improve throttle response (its just good idea, anyways), actually burned out the starter motor (oh for joy!). Ok, so that’s not a fix I had time to do, so off to Woodhouse Performance to help us out. Mark Jorgensen and his able crew (thank you Aaron) were able to change out the starter motor this morning (Thursday) without issue. But then getting onto the ramp for the trailer, the car dies out, again! What could it be? Good place for it to die (right at Woodhouse), we were able to diagnose the fuel pump was not getting any power, and, thus, a simple fix. A 20 amp fuse later, and we’re on our way to Colorado. We’ll be staying in North Platte, then finishing the journey in the morning. Should be there in time for the practice course so both Andrew and I can get accustomed to the surface.

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