Sno*Drift 2012 – Christy Carlson

Christy Carlson, a newcomer to Rally America, had her first national-level rally finish with strong results in her first time driving an snow and ice event. This was the first Rally America event in her newly-built 2002 Subaru WRX. Christy started out in 58th position (out of 64 competitors), with Adam Kneipp arguing for a higher starting position. “Our speed factor was influenced by unfortunate events from 100 Acre Wood Rally last year in the 1992 Nissan Sentra, putting us at the back of the pack, whereas I know I am a better driver than that. We knew we had to finish and improve our starting position and prove to the field that we are competitors in this sport. Prove that we did. I am pleased with our results and a finish with such treacherous conditions. We had to be very conservative to finish so that we could come back strong for 100 Acre Wood.”

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Christy & Adam finished the Sno* Regional Rally 15th overall out of 40 regional competitors the first day, 7th in Open. They managed to move up in position from 58th to 37th by the end of Day one, and started Day 2 with 40th position, although unfortunately, despite being a meteorologist, the weather simply was not on their side. “We had to complete the 15 mile stage in a white-out blizzard conditions which started about about mile 2, which added several minutes on to our stage times. We could only drive the distance of our fog lights. Adam did a fantastic job adapting to being completely blind and was able to call out distances to elements with great precision, improving my ability to drive blind by the end of the stage, but it wasn’t enough to maintain our overall position, although we did manage to pass 2 cars on that stage.” Christy & Adam ended up 17th Overall in the Drift Regional Rally, just one second out of 16th place, and 6th in the Open class.

“I wish I had the ability to drive every day, and do nothing but driving, but like most competitors I am a professional in something else and use everything I have to be able to compete for the love of the sport. As a full-time meteorologist, you would think I would have the weather on my side, eh? Special thanks to EBC Brakes, COBB Tuning Plano, LMSports (Pat Lipsinic), Vorshlag & Deatschwerks, along with my wonderful crew of Chris Gervais, Jay Storm, Bryan Tippens and Alex Storm for their great work in putting this car together with us and allowing us a fantastic finish. Special thanks to our host family the Strebers for giving us a warm place to work on the car in Atlanta.” Look for both DirtyGirlsRally drivers Brianne Corn and Christy Carlson to take the field by storm at their next event, 100 Acre Wood, happening at the end of February 2012 in Salem, Missouri.

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