Krista Skukas – Co-driver

Krista heralds from Portland, Oregon and has joined us as another co-driver for 2013. She has brought in a new dynamic to the team that can’t be beat. Her positivity and media savy is a great addition to the team.

Adam Kneipp – Co-driver

Adam is from Denver, CO, and is an experienced co-driver. He started co-driving with Christy in late 2010 and will be with her throughout the 2012 season. He works as an engineer and helps to design bridges as his day job, and obviously excels in giving detailed instructions.

Chris Gervais – Crew Chief

Chris joined the team in late 2011 and has helped with the successful preparation of the 2002 Subaru WRX for 2012′s Sno*Drift and 100 Acre Wood Rally. He works as a programmer for AER as his day job, but at night he is busy helping Christy prepare the WRX for racing. His specialties: Wiring, brut-force, and details. He’s an overall tech guru.

Jay Storm – Engineer

Jay helped crew for the 2012 Sno*Drift effort, and provides technical assistance in the build of the 2002 Subaru WRX rally car. An all-around Subaru genius, he has his own special XP Subaru beast built for SCCA Solo which is where Christy met up with him several years ago.

Preston Davis – Subie Awesome

Preston joined us for the first time at Sno*Drift 2013, and I anticipate will be seen again on crew for STPR! Great guy, huge help. And someone who is willing to sacrifice his own gravel suspension as a backup when needed. He will likely be seen as a competitor in Rally America sometime soon…

Martin Asao / Matt ‘Chux’ Alexander – ZipTie Rally Crew

Martin and Matt joined us in 2013 to help out for 100AW in our time of need. Both based out of Minnesota, these guys are normally working on car 171.. but this year they are working on 298 and other grassroots rally teams at need. All-around subaru AWESOME!!

Marcus Congdon – Subaru Awesome

Marcus is the man. Enough said. Based out of Pennsylvania.

Kris Martison – Engineer/Rally Enthusiast

Kris has come to save the day, working on crew at both the 2011 100AW and 2012 100AW events. He is a tech guru, specializing in audio equipment. He works as an engineer in Lincoln, NE and met Christy during Nebraska Region Rallycross events, where he drives a very special BMW. Some say it has special powers, putting smiles on peoples faces by making cookies in the dirt.

Pat Lipsinic – Engineer

Pat Lipsinic has co-driven with Christy Carlson in the past, and has greatly assisted in the build-up of her driving skills and her cars, including the 2006 Subaru WRX, and now the beast of an engine in the 2002 Subaru WRX. Specializing in small aircraft engine builds and repairs by day, Pat is meticulous in his work and does a fantastic job building subarus on-the-side with his LMSports company.

James Wilson & David Cosseboom – Camera Men

Both James Wilson and David Cosseboom are good behind a camera, with James specializing in action-sports videography equipment and David Cosseboom the man behind the camera for Both have contributed greatly to Christy as she developed as a driver.

Rick Schumacher – Team Optimist/Designer/Engineer

Rick is the balance between good and evil, the provider of support and never ending encouragement, and the person to tell you when you are being the biggest ubber b*tch without fail. He helped to build Bender, and has bled all over that nasty silver car’s underbody and interior. He provided the layout of the vinyl for this years livery, and is a graphic artist working now out in California.

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