Zero to Hero in 60k miles

I do believe the warranty is done for Captain.I believe that a car has the power to change your life.

Everyone has that one item in their life that changes them. For some, its becoming a parent. Or perhaps its a certificate on the wall signifying the work done in college. For me, its a car.

The STI recently crossed over to 60k miles, and in that time period I can tell you specific moments in my life from the milage on the STI. ┬áThe first rallycross in the car was done at 400 miles. My first autox in it was at 550 miles. Its been loved, beat on, slept-in, and all around appreciated more than anything else I’ve owned.

The STI has brought me tremendous joy. I still love the feel of the steering wheel, and the red glow of the dash with the symbolic pink STI insignia in the center. The sound of the Tanabe exhaust & the whoosh of the turbo. The engine is still going strong, and the transmission has not given me any issues, it still shifts like butter with the short-throw and Motul 300 in its guts. Sure, the noise of the wind coming off the mirrors is a little defening, as Subaru didn’t change the shape of the mirrors for better wind deflection till the 2008 model. And yes, the car is coming up on 6 years old already and I still love it like its new.

Like age-spots and wrinkles, cone-marks have worn down the sideskirts and front bumper’s paint, leaving tattered black marks that no amount of scrubbing will remove. ┬áThe seats show wear of throwing wheels into the back over and over again for travel as far as Texas for Solo events. And yes, the carpet on the floor needs to be replaced as I’ve worn a small hole on the bottom from my foot, as I didn’t like having the floormat in the way while driving.

A vinyl of Bowser from the Nintendo Super Mario series sits in eternal fire-ball throwing position on the hood-scoop; a symbol of gamer geekiness from which my car draws its name. The old Tire Rack vinyl permanently adheres to the windshield. And countless tech stickers stacked on top of each other, my nationals sticker from 2011 still present, and makes me smile each time I get into the car.

But before this car, I was just a normal girl, playing video games and dreaming of doing something more. An adrenaline junkie with no way to get a fix. Till the STI came along and changed everything.

You’ve done good Bowser. You’ve taken me from zero to hero in 60k miles. What a ride!

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